Cream Deluxe Midnight

Cream Deluxe Midnight

Cream Deluxe Midnight – Cream Deluxe Nitrous Oxide.

Cream Deluxe Midnight.

Cream Deluxe Midnight  We heard you. Cream Deluxe Regular (steel) is here to stay. After a short summer break, we are happy to re-introduce the iconic Cream Deluxe steel cylinder in our limited midnight edition.

Filled with 615g high purity food-grade N2O for extraordinary cocktails. For long summer nights, for the nighthawks, for unforgettable moments until the sun rises. Very soon available at your local distributor. Cream Deluxe Midnight

Experience the extraordinary with Cream Deluxe, where we provide not just cream chargers, but a unique mixology experience.

Cream Deluxe Smartwhip – Cream Deluxe Midnight.

Cream Deluxe Midnight Discover the Cream Deluxe N2O Cream Chargers, available in 666g and 2000g capacities. These revolutionary tools are transforming cocktail crafting. The 666g model holds the equivalent of over 84 regular cream chargers in a compact steel casing. It’s filled with high-purity, food-grade nitrous oxide, demonstrating our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

On the other hand, the Cream Deluxe Maxxi 2000g is a titan in the industry, offering 2000 grams of food-grade N2O within a robust steel shell. It comes with a handy plastic handle for portability and includes a pressure-release nozzle.

  • Available in 666g and 2000g capacities
  • Compact and robust 100% steel casing
  • High-purity, food-grade nitrous oxide tested at 99.9% purity
  • Each cylinder includes 1 pressure-release nozzle
  • Commitment to superior quality and craftsmanship

Cream Deluxe GOLD Smartwhip – 640G New!!.

Cream Deluxe Gold is the newest addition to our exciting N2O catalog. With Gold, we create the future of nitrous oxide in a streamlined, featherweight aluminum bottle.

Not only does this brand-new wrapping make the product among the lightest on the market for its volume, but the aluminum also keeps the gas and the cylinder super clean in the prevention of rust and other unwanted oxidation processes.

Never worry about quality-loss on your gas, or reduction of the canister over time. With Cream Deluxe Gold your nitrous oxide is kept clean and safe for years to come.

Technical product information.

Featherweight, with 50% less weight than before.

100% aluminum casing for ultra-strong resistance against corrosion and rust.

Pure food-grade nitrous oxide purity tested at 99,9%.

Zero substance taste or smell

Strong and high-quality German craftsmanship