Propane Gas Bottle 6KG

The Calor Gas 6kg propane gas bottle (cylinder) refill is used with the screw-on red propane regulator (60716). It is designed to be used on a wide variety of applications including barbecues, camping and many more outside appliances.

If you do not have a Calor Gas group 2 small propane empty gas cylinder to return, you will need to pay an additional Calor Gas group 2 small propane cylinder hire charge by calling us on ,WHATSAPP US. If you call us, we will ask you a few very basic questions about your cylinder usage and advise you of the most economical option.

If you require any assistance or advice, please  WHATSAPP US

Other useful information.

Cylinder  2 Small Propane.
Height: 495mm.
Diameter: 256mm.
Regulator Type: Propane POL screw-on, normally red but can differ* please see below.
Recommended Offtake: 0.42 m3/h 0.77 kg/h (11kw).
Product Net Weight: 6.000 kg (approximate).
Cylinder Tare Weight: 7.000 kg (approximate).
Total Gross Weight: 13.000 kg (approximate).